(the “Site”) welcomes you to a champion among other internet shopping sections of Pakistan. These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are significant not solely to the Site, yet the sum of its assistants, divisions, and part worked locales which reference these Terms and Conditions.

Your passageway to the Site is needy upon your cognizance and affirmation of the going with Terms and Conditions. Nevertheless, you are referenced to stop the use of the Site in case you don’t recognize the Terms and Conditions.

The Site keeps up all positions to incorporate, clear, change, or alter any arrangement of the Terms and Conditions at whatever point without giving any prior warning. The changes, modification, removal, and development of any information on the Site will be seen as practical from the time it is posted. Customers are urged to reliably check the Terms and Conditions of the Site to stay invigorated. In the event that you continue using the Site a lot after changes, by then it will build up your affirmation of reevaluated/changed Terms and Conditions.


By using this Site, you confirm that you are either on any occasion 18 years old or getting to the Site under the oversight of an adult (your parent or genuine guard). The Site offers you a non-revocable license to use it, subject to your affirmation and cognizance of the Terms and Conditions for shopping things offered/open on the Site accessible to be bought. We prohibit you to use this Site for business purposes or to help any outcast aside from if express assent is stretched out beyond time by the Site. Encroachment of any Terms and Conditions will achieve the brief repudiation of your license given to you, for which no prior notice will be given.

We have given substance on the Site to your information in a manner of speaking. The depiction of the thing conveyed on this Site is given by merchants, and not by the Site, and visual depiction once in a while may insignificantly vacillate with the certified thing visual in light of the possibility of photography of the thing. Likewise, verbalizations and feelings open on this site are solitary postings and may not reflect the evaluation of the Site.


Everything that you give us or submit on the Site will transform into our tip-top property, including yet not confined to studies, comments, propositions, and questions (all things considered called “Sections”). All Submissions are non-returnable, and your case to them won’t be locked in. The Site asserts all positions to change, modify, eradicate or alter any Submissions, yet isn’t focused on doing all things considered. You are focused on giving us the correct name, address, email address, and various nuances. Additionally, with your Submission, you grant us the choice to use your name/username that you have given. You agree that you won’t, under any conditions, attempt to delude us using fake nuances or by maintaining to be someone else.


You should observe that in specific models, the Site will no doubt be not able to process your solicitation for various reasons. Therefore, the Site keeps up whatever authority is expected to drop or decay any solicitation, at whatever point, and in any way at all. Additionally, your solicitation affirmation is an endless supply of your own and charge card nuances. Now and again, before demand affirmation, you may be drawn closer to give additional information to affirm your character including yet not limited to your phone number and address.

As a measure to hinder credit and charge card coercion, the Site keeps up all power to affirm the individual information that you have given or get the endorsement of your portion nuances before transportation the thing. The Site may demand that you check your record through character cards, banking nuances, or your place of residence. In case you fail to give the vital check report/information inside two (2) days subsequent to tolerating the individual notification, your solicitation will be dropped normally. The Site can similarly drop any solicitation direct in case we think there is a risk of credit or check card blackmail.

This Site utilizes all the benefits accessible to it’s to give definite and certified information about thing costs, nevertheless, we can’t block the opportunity of bungles in assessing information. On the off chance that, when a thing cost erroneously appears on the Site, we keep up whatever authority is expected to drop or reject the solicitation. Nevertheless, the Site (at its sole alert) may connect with you for extra bearings about the solicitation if the demonstrated thing cost is misguided, or we may drop your ask for and educate you about such dropping, regardless, if your solicitation has been insisted and your MasterCard has been charged.


You can benefit Pay on Delivery simply like all the available portion options for orders that are evaluated underneath Rs. 50,000. You can’t profit Pay on the Delivery elective for orders that are esteemed over Rs. 50,000. For orders above Rs. 50,000, you have to pay everything through a charge card on the web.


On this Site, all authorized development (selected or unregistered) will remain our property, which is guaranteed under Pakistan’s copyright laws and all-inclusive shows. The authorized advancement of the Site including yet without hindrances delineations, programming, source code(s), structures, plans, logos, chronicles, photos, information content, music, sounds, and all item arrays. All rights are held.


This Site gives every one of you things, content, information, materials, things, and various organizations on “without any certifications” and “as open” premise aside from if regardless showed recorded as a printed copy. We don’t make any ensure or depiction, gathered or express, about things, content, information, materials, things, and various organizations, aside from if regardless decided recorded as a printed copy. In case you continue using this Site, you expressly agree that you are using this Site at your danger.


The Site keeps up whatever authority is expected to end Terms and Conditions quickly despite some other genuine or fair-minded fixes. The Site can deny your license similarly to the rights permitted in Terms and Conditions. In either case, you agree to stop the use of this Site and perceive the benefits of the Site to revoke all record nuances (tallying yet not compelled to username, mystery word, address, and budgetary nuances among others) and deny you complete or midway access. Regardless, the finish of Terms and Conditions won’t impact the individual rights and responsibilities of the social affairs for instance portion duties and others, developing before the date of end. Likewise, you agree that the Site can’t be held committed to you or some other social occasion (individual) for the disavowal of the grant, kept access, and end. On the off chance that you can’t resist repudiating our Terms and Conditions, strategies, action practices, rules, and rules, by then you should end using this Site immediately.

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