The Kaptaan and Charsadda chappals are among the celebrated Peshawari chappals that have collected worldwide acknowledgment. The most widely recognized footwear in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Charsadda chappal is presently normal footwear in different districts of Pakistan as well.


Fabricated out of top-notch “High Kuram” cowhide, the Charsadda chappal is incredibly lightweight and agreeable. Customarily the sole of Charsadda chappal was made out of elastic tires however today they are curated out of an assortment of other solid materials.


A common Charsadda style Peshawari chappal will be an impeccable example of conventional craftsmanship and contemporary plan. They go with shalwar kameez or other ethnic menswear. A few men additionally pair them with pants or other western gatherings. The chappal is an unquestionable requirement that has a thing for uncommon events in Pakistan, for example, Eids, weddings, Jummah supplications at the mosque, and so on. It is easygoing footwear just as formal, contingent upon structures. The easygoing ones incorporate shortsighted plans and hues while the proper ones can have mind-boggling weaving or gold Tilla work away at them.

Charsadda chappals are presently accessible in an assortment of hues and plans. There are various sites where you can purchase your preferred pair of Charsadda chappals on the web. The capacity to look at numerous chappals simultaneously in the solace of your room is a helpful method of shopping for this customary footwear. You will likewise discover Charsadda chappals at a bargain at different sites and can get them at limited costs.


  • Solid, Agreeable Moderate shoes
  • Absolutely carefully assembled
  • Mainstream summer footwear
  • Great materials utilized
  • Looks extraordinary with ethnic menswear
  • Accessible in an assortment of structures and hues